Better Call Khadijah

Who wants to live forever?

This shaman uses voices and visions to cleanse your wardrobe

Meet this year’s Miss New York

Meet New York’s most sought-after skin guru

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The Daniel Diet, explained

The plastic surgery epidemic putting lives at risk

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Why no one does juice cleanses anymore

Should teens join Weight Watchers?

The psychology behind pregnancy test addiction

How health gurus are starting the new year

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Fit fashionistas are using Birkins as gym bags

Bec Donlan will give you a bangin’ butt

The craziest new fitness classes of 2018

New Yorkers are going nuts for these $600 vibrating “guns”

Royals and billionaire can’t get enough of EMS workouts

Post-sex scandal, Bikram yoga gets a makeover

A history of the sports bra

This controversial workout promises to give you a “thigh gap”


New Yorkers try the platinum buzz cut

Beauty junkies are drinking pricy salt water

Manly men go to spas, too

These hippie candles are blessed with tarot cards and crystals

Claudia Schiffer: “I would have failed as a model today”

How to wear pink eyeshadow without looking infected

Ear fillers are the UES secret to wearing diamonds


Baby birthday parties have infested Brooklyn’s bar scene

New Yorkers are getting glam for the DMV

People are judging how cool you are by your tote bag

These kids in wheelchairs will smoke you on the race track

NYC’s hottest new date spot is a sauna that charges by the hour



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